Multiple Teams · Winter Sports Information

Game Streaming Details

  • All home winter sporting events on Higley’s campus will be live streamed on the NFHS Network.  There is no sound, but it is a live feed from the game.  The games are also available after the event as on demand games that are a part of the same package.
  • Many fall sport families had success streaming from their phone or laptop and then casting it to their TV to watch like a normal game.
  • The NFHS Network is a subscription service with a monthly fee for access to all high school games on their network.  Higley, and many other schools in the state, are on the network choices of games.  Many road games will be offered on this network as well.  The monthly subscription grants access to it all.
  • The link for sign up for the network is:

Ticket Details

  • Tickets to all home winter sporting events on Higley’s campus are now available for purchase at
  • Tickets are only available online.  No cash purchases will be available at the gate.
  • Only parents/guardians of student athletes participating in a home event may purchase up to two tickets per event through the GoFan link.  Non parents (including grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, etc.) will not be allowed to enter due to current AIA rules this season.
  • Each student athlete only gets the rights to two tickets.  In situations where a family has multiple parents/guardians the family must work together to decide which two attends each game.
  • A team roster with each student’s parents/guardians as registered with the school will monitored by staff at the stadium entrance table.  Parents/guardians must show proof of ID that matches the name listed as the school parent/guardian and also proof of the purchased GoFan ticket to enter the event.
  • Anyone that purchases a ticket that is not a registered parent/guardian will not be admitted into the event and will not receive a refund.  Please do not purchase tickets if you are not the registered parent/guardian.
  • Visiting teams are not allowed to bring fans/guests to the game per AIA rules.

Spectator Details

  • There will not be any concession stands available for the games.  Fans are permitted to bring food and water into the stadium as long as they clean up after themselves when the game concludes. No shells/seeds of any kind are permitted.
  • Parents/Guardians may only attend the game in which their child is competing.  Per AIA rules, at the conclusion of every level (F/So, JV, Varsity) the stadium will be cleared of all fans.  Parents/Guardians of students participating in the next game will then be allowed to enter the stadium.  If a parent has students in multiple levels they must exit with the rest of the fans but will then be allowed to re-enter for the next game involving their son or daughter.  They do not need to purchase another ticket in that situation.
  • Masks must be worn at all times on campus and in the stadiums unless eating or taking a drink of water.  Masks must be worn properly (over mouth and nose) Those found refusing to wear a mask properly will be asked to leave the stadium and will not be allowed back the remainder of the season.  Those taking advantage of the food/drink rule to not wear a mask (leaving their mask off the entire game saying they are eating for two hours straight) will also be asked to leave.
  • The county requires mitigation plans for any event with over 50 people in attendance.  We have those for each venue and will have them with us during the event.
  • We will staff the events like usual (Cameran/sports med, ticket gate, security, scoreboard, scorebook, announcer, DJ).  Coaches can have one person come to the games to film if the team needs a videographer. If you are going to do this for home and/or games please let us know the name of who will be filming for your team.  Please note that this is only one individual.

Mask Details

  • All masks are allowed but the disposable masks were discouraged due to how easily they break and how they are not effective when sweaty or wet.  Face shields are not allowed.
  • Many teams are doing matching team masks that match their home and away uniforms.
  • There are no exceptions to the mask rule.  None.  All athletes, coaches, and spectators must wear them.
  • The director of officiating said that players could step aside and quickly pull their mask down to catch their breath if needed to do this occasionally.  However, is an athlete is taking advantage of this and doing it too frequently that athlete will be asked to leave the game.
  • During time-outs only the players on the floor/field are allowed in the huddle.  Those on the bench must remain on the bench to limit numbers.
  • During huddles everyone, including coaches, must wear masks at all times.  Players must step out of the huddle if they are drinking water.
  • If the two coaches agree to it, and tell the officials before the game, the teams can add one extra time out to each half.  This can be used to add an extra opportunity for players to catch their breath.  This has to be agreed upon and discussed with the officials prior to the start of the game.  Once the game begins it is too late.

Last, But Very Important 

The AIA has stated numerous times how serious they are about the safety protocols being followed by all schools.  Thousands of individuals fought for this season to take place and they are not going to let a few individuals ruin it for everyone.  Game Officials have been instructed to walk off the floor if a school is not following the mask and safety rules.  School administrators and coaches have been instructed to notify the AIA of any school not following protocols.  That includes coaches, players, staff members, and fans.  Those schools reported for not following the rules will lose the rights to future officials, meaning no future games.  We will be very strict in making sure Higley is always a positive leader and example with these rules so our athletes enjoy a safe and successful season.  Thank you for doing your part in leading that positive example.